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What is Video Production?

Quite simply, Video Production is both the art and science of creating a finished video product specifically tailored to each client.

At Fort Collins Video we collaborate with you in order to create an end product that matches your vision.

Starting with an interview, we will learn more about your specific vision and will, depending on your desires, take the lead in creating that product with you involved as much or as little as you would like.

Whether your project needs a videographer at your office, on the top of a mountain, or if the project uses your existing visual assets, we will apply both the art and science of Video Production. We can help you deploy your video on a 80" 4K display, VR headset, or a mobile device.

If you own a business that needs to communicate internally or externally, video can help.

If you can envision it, we can do it!

Browse, learn, and please feel free to email or call us with any questions.  Don't be shy.  We love to educate and learn from our clients and potential clients.

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Some Of Our Clients (Don't be intimidated! No job is too small!)  pb = Pro Bono project/account

  • Canyon Concert Ballet
  • Front Range Cancer Specialists
  • High Country Conservatory of Dance
  • Megger Baker Instruments
  • MiloFit, LLC
  • Natural Athlete's Clinic
  • Sage Dermatology
  • Studio West Dance Centers
  • WODMat

  • Blue Skies Marketing
  • Headwaters Marketing
  • Selene River Press
  • WTF Marketing


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"I have been very impressed by the professionalism and expertise of Larry. He helped build a video of our Neuroliten product so that we could meet some very stringent deadlines. I was particularly impressed by his ability to quickly grasp intricate details of a complex domain such as Epilepsy/Seizures and articulate the messaging in a very concise, compelling manner."

Dr. Himanshu Misra, CEO EnlitenAI

"Larry is a great videographer to work with. He's reliable and motivated to go out and cover the events I need. His keen eye and experience help him get the shots I need to recap and promote our signature events and festival experience. On top of that he's just a real pleasant guy and always has a smile on his face."

Bradley Schneck, Multimedia Director at The Legendary Buffalo Chip

"Larry is both a consummate professional and an engaging video producer. He is quick to understand the goals and objectives of your project and delivers the finished product in a timely manner. I enjoy working with Larry and never hesitate to contact him when I need quality video production services."

Robin Visser, Sunrise Medical

“Larry created the Flip-Pal mobile scanner video for Rocky Mountain Ventures Company in a very short time. He provided guidance, was timely in every deliverable, worked well with everyone, knew what needed to be done and executed each step flawlessly, and went above and beyond the call of duty. I've had several people from the investor community compliment the video for professionalism, which is exactly how we want the company to be seen. It has been a very enjoyable experience working with Larry and I'm pleased with the result.”

Gordon Nuttall, CEO Couragent

"Larry is a pro at what he does! He supports his clients through the challenges of creating strong marketing materials. And, he is affordable! I will continue to utilize his services again and again because he is a pleasure to work with and very good at what he does."

Carrie Pinsky, M.Ed., NCC, PHR

"We needed someone to help us create videos on a tight timeline, and needed reliability and fast results. Larry not only delivered, but exceeded expectations. He is excellent to work with, is very fast on the edits, and we are quite pleased with the results.

Larry is able to quickly grasp the objective, take care of all the little details you don't notice, and work with you to get the desired outcome. I greatly appreciate his collaboration with the team thoroughout the entire process."

Cheryl Diller, Keysight Technologies

"Larry did the video for my website and I am very happy with the result. He was patient, kind and skilled. He went above and beyond after the session as I figured out how to get it on my web site. His prices are very reasonable and I recommend everyone in business to start using video as the tremendous educational and marketing tool that it is."

Anne Alexander, Authentic Alternatives

"Larry did a great job putting together a television ad on short notice and under budget. I could not be more pleased."

Eric Kronwall, Re-elect Mayor Karen Weikunat Committee

“Ft Collins Video did an outstanding job helping us edit a mom and baby exercise program consisting of nearly one hundred ten minute workouts. They always delivered edits on time and on budget while maintaining the highest level of quality. I would not hesitate to use Ft Collins video for future editing projects.”

Rob Martin, Klein-Buendel

"Larry documented 2 days of usability testing for a product I designed. He did a great job capturing the live sessions, and producing DVDs to meet our aggressive schedule. And, he billed less than the original estimate - highly recommended."

Jim Dow, Radian Design

"I am so impressed!!  That video is incredible!! And, I just sent you the text a few minutes ago. You are amazing.  I'm serious, that video just blew me away. It is so well done. You picked out video clips that matched the commercial promo words, the fades to new pics is smooth and seamless and the color and use of the logo is awesome. The Kingpins logo at the start and finish and the web site contact are brilliant for getting the name across.  You make us look way good. I love, love, love the timing of the video; the pace of how it moves from clip to clip. The length is perfect. It gets to the point, moves with confidence and ends. Sweeeeet. Shorter, it would be rushed, longer and it would start to be tiresome. It's just right.  I'm blown away !!!   Simple as that. And the music staff framing the top and bottom, how cool is that?  That you could do this quality work so fast is beyond me."

Don DiTommaso, The Kingpins Rhythm and Blues Band

"I have worked with Larry to produce three videos for the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner. Each time I have worked with Larry not only is he personable and friendly but he also churns out a great end product that I feel proud to display at my event. I highly recommend Larry and his services to anyone looking for a cost-effective way to produce a high quality product!"

Erin Collins, Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for your high quality and timely work on our latest product.  I want you to know that I will highly recommend you to others that need video production work.  As you know in this business it is common that time is of the essence.  Your responsiveness enabled me to schedule and organize the video shoot before other production companies even called me back. 

Your prices were very reasonable and at that you even came in under the budget you estimated.  The quality of the work you did was everything we hoped for and more. Your skills are quite apparent in your quick and efficient ability to make edits to give us what we needed.  Thank you again for a job well done."

Kevin G. Abelbeck, Pilates X-Trainer, LLC

"We wanted to produce two short 'How To' videos quickly and cost effectively.  Larry and Fort Collins Video was the best fit for our needs.  Larry was easy to work with and helpful in making some suggestions on the day of the shoot that improved the overall impact of the videos.  He also was very quick to turn around the multiple edits we had post production, and delivered a quality video that met both our marketing, timing and budgetary needs."

Chris Gorski
Director of Catalog Marketing
Hach Company

"Larry's technical knowledge, quality equipment, and quick turn-around were just what I needed when I decided to incorporate video into my marketing program. We shot on location, so his ability to adapt to lighting and room arrangements were important to creating an effective session. He delivered a finished product quickly, within his original estimate, and with no surprises!"

Phil Schwolert, The Homesteader

"Larry has helped me with three video projects for my companies. His work is totally professional and of the very highest quality. His prices are fair and he completes the projects in a timely manner (really swiftly, in fact). And he's even a great guy -- a real treat to work with! I highly recommend Larry to any business owner who wants to put effective, quality video on the company website!"
Hugh Liddle, CEO, Red Cap Sales Coaching
"Larry is an artist who has truly mastered his craft. When working with him you can see his passion for his work. Dealing with anything outside of my knowledge base can be uncomfortable for me. Larry's experience and straight forward advice, along with his skill set results in a very affordable solid production. I would recommend anyone looking for a videographer to give Larry a call."

Michael Kriesberg, Watchdog Automotive

“Larry is a wonderful leader and professional. He is detail oriented, yet never loses sight of the big picture. I found his expertise, reliability, and improvisational skills of the highest caliber. As President of the CoPVA, he engaged every member of the team to put together a program that was educational, timely, and helpful for the members. This ability to delegate, harness people's enthusiasm and skills, and produce reliable results speaks well for a key player in the field of videography, where meeting deadlines, collaboration with the team, and engaging spirit are essential. I highly recommend Larry as a video producer and team leader within the industry.”

Sonya Shannon - Freelance Storyboard Artist, Video Producer / Editor, Animator, Creative Director, Artware Studios Inc., / (colleague)

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Video Portfolio

It's common for people to browse a portfolio looking for the style of a content producer.  As you watch the samples linked below, please know that much of what you see here is not our style, but the style that the client desired in their final product.   Collaboration is the name of our game - we don't dictate, we listen!

Our current work is all done in high definition, 4K, or 360/Spherical.  Some older, standard definition, work is displayed here also because we're still proud of it!

Our Portfolio Is Now Hosted on YouTube.

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Because a video is created to match your individual needs, we offer initial exploratory phone calls and a one hour in-person consultation at no cost.  During this consultation we will discuss the many product and process choices that can be made to control the final cost to you.   We do not quote on a "per minute of finished video" basis!  We give you a custom quote based on exactly what you want and need from a content and process perspective.

Some clients will want to be involved in a "Director" role, others will want to be involved in the idea but leave the details to us.  This flexibility in our degree of involvement is one factor that differentiates Fort Collins Video from the competition.

In a nutshell, the more we're involved the more your final product will cost but the less work you'll have to do.

$ Key Points That Can Affect Pricing $

Complexity - Today's typical television commercials may only be 15-60 seconds in length, but they tend to be complex - containing moving graphics, animation, overlapping sound tracks, etc.  Producing a 60 second commercial will often take more production time than a full hour educational production where the bulk of the video consists of "an instructor in front of a white board".

Communication - Fort Collins Video can take your high level concept and turn it into reality.  We can also take a script and work from that.   The more you know about what you want, and the more clearly you can communicate that to us, the faster your project will move.

Length - The longer your final product is, the longer it will take to produce, thereby increasing the cost.

So, what might some typical costs be?

 Here are some pricing examples -

Simple 60 Second Infomercial

  • Two hours collaborating with the client on the product

  • Four hours of taping at client's location

  • One hour to scan and adjust business artwork for moving graphics

  • Four hours of video editing

Simple Clip for a Website

  • 30 minutes reviewing the script

  • One hour taping at the client's office

  • 30 minutes of video editing

  • Format conversion for website

One Hour Educational Video

  • One hour reviewing the client's story board

  • Three hours of shooting at client's office

  • Three hours of video editing

Approximate cost:


Approximate cost:  


Approximate cost:  


It's very important to us that you know we'll work with you to create your desired product within your budget!

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