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Fort Collins Video, LLC provides clients with a full range of video production services from scripting, to videography, editing and distribution.  Whether your needs are for web compatible (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), multi-camera live stream, spherical/360, or 4K video for personal or business projects, we will create a finished product on time and within budget.  Our videographers and video producers are just as comfortable shooting a skier as a corporate meeting in a conference room. Here is a short list of some of the types of projects we have completed for clients:

  • Animated safety training videos
  • Spherical/360 video demonstrating a large R&D environment.
  • Video of a seminar put on by a large corporation, formatted for the web
  • Infomercial for a start-up's first product
  • Video documentation of a crime scene
  • Animated a logo using the original Adobe Illustrator file created by a company's graphic designer
  • Created a music video for a band's promotional purposes posted on YouTube and distributed on DVD
  • Produced a highlight reel of a young athlete that will be sent to college recruiters
  • Produced an educational video on chemotherapy for a local oncologist's office
  • Green screen video for a website where the actor "walks onto the web page"
  • Inspirational video for a non-profit to aid in their fund raising
  • Training video for the customer support section of a large corporation's web site
  • Slide show with music to commemorate an 80th birthday
  • Demonstration using 3 cameras of a potential new software product that was used to sell the idea to upper management
  • Marketing video for a medical rehabilitation product that was sent across the country to distributors
  • Customer testimonials for TV commercials
  • Video of live user testing with products under development
  • Product photography

You can learn more about how we will work with you on a video project by visiting our video production page.

We also supply a wide variety of  Additional Services including CD and DVD duplication and printing (yes, there's still demand for this!).

Browse, learn, and please email, text, or call with any questions.  Don't be shy.  We love to educate and learn from our clients and potential clients.

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